DARK MINIMAL PROJECT is an Electro-Synthwave Band of Lille (France) composed by Guillaume VDR (Lead/Back Vocals - Keyboards & Programmation) & Ange Vesper (Back/Lead vocals  - keyboards & Drum Machines). Cold atmospheres & Industrial themes they are in line style of Depeche Mode, Boy Harsher... All orchestrated by the renowned Peter Rainman (People Theatre) . All design of the band  is made by The Photographer Erik Jarrigeon 

After the first deserving album "Cold Black Room" released in 2022, DMP (as fan say) continues to evolve towards more maturity after the astonishing album “Ghost Of Modern Times” (2023) and takes an electro darkwave turn, a little harder in the sounds and compositions, which earned them for example to be remixed by "Front 242" or even "Ruined Conflict" and "Dominatrix" on their LP soberly titled "Remixes " (2024)

          Guillaume (Up)  & Ange (Down)

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